About us

Welcome to Untold Imagery! We’re so glad you are here! We are Daniel and Christina Dennis, the husband/wife duo behind the camera during your session!

We live in Helena, AL, right outside of Birmingham, and love our job! We met in high school and got married after Christina graduated college. Since then we have been blessed by adding a little girl to our family through adoption. We also love animals, and have two dogs and a cat. Christina loves working out, reading, playing with our little girl, and trying new things with photography. Daniel loves watching movies, visiting local breweries, and cooking. We both love travel and have a goal to visit every continent (maybe not Antarctica…brrr). We’ve got Africa and Australia left!

Our business name was formed from our passion: telling stories. We love the art of capturing special moments in your lives in order to preserve that date in your memory for the foreseeable future, and to even have the ability to pass that memory on to future generations.

We know that having photographs is SO fun, but we also know that the process of having photos taken can be stressful. It doesn’t matter what type of photography you are wanting, this rings true for it all.

For moms, getting a family ready and everyone out the door for your family session can be tiring! Not to mention trying to get matching outfits and everyone to actually smile and have fun! For the mom to be, it is difficult to find clothing options that you feel comfortable and confident in, as well as feeling comfortable during your session. Finally, we have the bride…need we say more? Brides, you are already dealing with decision making from every aspect of the wedding planning process (be that a traditional wedding or elopement).

We want to ease your minds for the photo taking process, and we do that in several ways. After your inquiry, we get on the phone for a short chat to introduce ourselves and to find out what type of feel you are looking for during your session. From there, we work with you on location selection, styling, and any other advice needed along the way.

Our mission is to provide an environment that allows you to feel safe and secure, and in turn experience freedom during your session. We believe that by providing everything mentioned before, your session will give you the sense of freedom you long for and deserve.

Capture the moments, no matter what your hair looks like or the clothes you wear.